fred clarke

After leaving the news media several years ago, I made a decision to alter and focus my direction, concentrating solely on capturing humanitarian images in conflict and post conflict situations and countries, dealing with the various mandates of the humanitarian theater.

As a photojournalist, I have traveled extensively around the globe in war zones and post-conflict zones documenting these on-the-ground events. What I like to refer to as my humanitarian documentary photography has been internationally published and exhibited in many of the world's major cities, as well as in some of its remotest corners. I have worked on various projects such as one called People on War, for the ICRC, and have worked numerous other international photographic missions.

Working with organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross has provided me with a deep and unique access to various world events, of which some would be impossible within the working confines of being purely a journalist.

In all of these projects my photography documents not only conflict and fear, but also survival and renewal, remote and intriguing cultures, rarely seen landscapes and the intimacy of human interaction in both conflict and peace, in war-torn environments, and within those embarking upon the delicate process of healing.